Nero 7 Ultra Enhanced Question?

when i turn on my pc or, reboot i get a white screen which has a Nero 7 uninstall icon in top left corner? anyone know what might cause this? Thanks! :confused:

I have never seen it. In this situation, can you start the Task Manager and check to see what applications are running? Maybe somehow the uninstall exe file was loaded in part of the startup senario.

Running msconfig.exe and checking the startup tab might also give some clues, if you can.

One quick thing to check would be the startup folder on the start button.

Uninstall the Nero with Nero Clean Tools and make sure no Nero file or directory is left over reboot and reinstall Nero again.

hi folks, and thanks for the advice! i’ll sure give it a try and check things out. also, i received an email from Nero saying that i must have given out my serial number to others or, am using it on more than one pc? which, neither is true. needless to say i was highly insulted! they said my serial number was registered to 10 ip addresses yes, ten? i scanned my receit and sent them a copy showing where i bought the program at my local OFFICE DEPOT before, they would reactivate my software? i told them i wasn’t happy at all, and felt like i had paid $100.00 for a bootleg copy and then being accused of stealing on top of that! just some friendly advice to everyone, keep a close eye on your serial numbers as it seems there are strange things going on! :confused:

Is your install on a laptop? I might see them saying it was registered to 10 MAC addresses, but if you have a laptop, you might have used many ip addresses. Even if you have a non-static ip address at home, it might show up that way.

Anyway, it might be nice to know for sure what they are looking at.

Do not be surprised that when you browse into some of the sites your computer is bugged by some popup and some of these pup ups extract information from your PC including software Suns…

what i have it installed on is a desk top setup. i’ve wondered if maybe, the serial number could have been hacked, from my pc. Thanks! :iagree:

well, i went into my program files opened the Nero folder and found another folder that said Nero opened it and all it contained was an icon for uninstall so, i deleated that folder and that seemed to get rid of the problem i was having. everything seems to function fine still so i guess i’ll run it like that for awhile. just thought i’d report back, just incase anyone else runs into that same problem. :slight_smile:

Had you recently installed Nortons security package? A friend of mine had & he had similar problems to yours.

hi, never had any norton installed. i’m running an Antivirus etc. program called Defender Pro 5 in one don’t know how good it is but , price was cheap enough. :slight_smile: