Nero 7 Ultra Enhanced Patent Activation

Why does the third-party patent activation fail with a message We regret to inform you that the maximum number of duplicate activations have been exceeded when I run NeroVision after Nero has been uninstalled and reinstalled more than five times? I was reinstalling to the same computer and I had to call customer service at 1-818-956-7551 long distance and wait on hold for a customer service representative due to high call volumes.

Welcome to CDFreaks Forum, I have never heard that you need activation for Nero, I believe as long as you have valid S/N for the version of Nero you are using that would be adaquate for Nero usage.

It was required for DVD, MPEG2, MPEG4 and AVC codecs.

I have Nero 7 and all I had to do to take it from a demo to full was enter a valid serial number.