Nero 7 Ultra Editon

well i have been burning my dvds videos with nero 7 ultra edition and i never have had a problem but, yesturday i was burning a dvd copy and it was half way like 60% done with the dvd. and then it said that it couldnt read the data it it didnt burn the complete dvd no more i dont know why it said this it never happened and just today i tried burning anther dvd and it was half way too and it said the same thing i dont know why whats wrong with the nero program any help guys??? please asap. i would really apreacite AND YEAH IAM using DVD REGION +CCS SO I HAVENT HAD NO TROUBLE BURNING COPYRIGHTED DVDS. BUT, I DONT WHY IAM DEALING WITH THE NERO PROBLEM heres my LOGG>

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Firstly edit your log file if you can & remove the Nero serial number at the top.

You seem to have 2 problems.

The first is that the DL media you’re using is poor quality and liable to fail, especially when starting to burn the second layer. Only Verbatim +R DL media is worth using, everything else is just too risky.

Second, it shouldn’t take 1hr 20mins to burn a layer.

CdRomPeripheral : LITEON DVD-ROM LTD163 atapi Port 1 ID 1 [B]DMA: Off[/B]

DMA not being enabled on the reader will reduce the read speed so so much that it’s untrue. See either this thread or download the VB script in my sig & run that with Explorer to fix this problem.

I would never ever use Nero to burn a DL disc , neither would I ever copy on the fly like you’re doing. Both are prone to failure.

I would rip the disc to the HDD as an ISO image with DVD Decrypter & then burn that image with either DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn. This way you maintain the layer break position and don’t get a pause in the play back that might otherwise occur.

well the burner that i have its an external burner it takes 4 ever to burn because i dont have a usb card that is 2.0 or higher… i need to go buy 1. WILL this reduce my risk .? or i need to enable dma and buy different kinds of dl? iam just very confused SR.! KAN U REALLY HELP ME OUTZ.

It’s a yes to everything really.

Yes you really need to get a PCI USB2.0 card & connect the external burner to that. You’ll be able to burn a single layer DVD in about 8 mins when burning a 16x disk at 12x.

Yes you really must enable DMA on the reader as I’ve suggested then you’ll significantly improve the reading speed of this.

and finally Yes you really need to use only Verbatim +R DL (2.4x) media. Most other DL media will give you patchy performance with maybe a 50% chance of success. They are well worth the extra cost.

ALRITE thankz for the help i would purchase a pci card and yeah how do i install the usb card?

It just slots into a free PCI slot on the motherboard. As you’ve got XP you won’t need any drivers as XP will automatically recognise the card & install what it needs.

DO I HAVE TO OPEN THE MACHINE UP?.. so its very straight forward

Yes :slight_smile:

ok i installed the pci 2.0 card just bought it today! i have not used the burned i just tried to burn a dvd movie off of videos from my harddrive! . it it still looks kind of slow it doesnt burn like you said in 8 minutes! ? watz wrong