Nero 7 Ultra Edition vs. Roxio Easy Media Creater 9

My local Costco has both of the above software for $70. Please advsie offer pros and cons for each.

I am looking make a purchase in the next week, so your comments would be appreciated.

Probably best to go with Nero.

Roxio was a nice product up to version 7.5 but then Sonic started changing everything to their way of doing things and ruined a perfectly good application suite.

I’d add a few free ones like ImgBurn , Burrrn (for Audio CDs) & CDBurnerXP Pro. These are sometimes better than and simpler to use than Nero.

Thanks for the feedback TimC.

Nero 1
Roxio 0

anyone else care to chime in?

It’s hard to chime in when typically one has Nero or Roxio, not both.
I originally had Roxio about 3 years ago, and switched to Nero 6 and have been very happy with it. As TimC commented, Nero and Roxio used to be the big boys, now there is a lot of freeware out there that most people consider better. Most people would also put DVDShrink, ImgBurn and RipIt4Me (to name a few) in there arsenel.

But, between the two, my vote would go to Nero.

I agree with that. I’ve been using Nero 7 for quite awhile now, and along the way have also picked up the freebies Tim mentioned. :slight_smile:

Personally, for the money I have found that the Ashampoo products outdo both Roxio/Sonic and Nero. There is very little more one needs with this set of applications. The trial is free and the pricing is very reasonable-they will offer it at substantial discounts, btw. Worth a look considering you are prepared to buy. The free programs mentioned by others are a terrific alternative for some situations.
YES-I have owned both Roxio and Nero and will never buy them again. Consider the flaky DLA or InCD app’s that caused me and many others to create a landfill of coasters for example. Ashampoo Burning Studio does not need it or have it.
That’s my 2 cents-have fun shopping :slight_smile: