Nero 7 Ultra Edition Question!

Hi I just recently got a audio system put in my car and I now have a cd player that will play mp3’s in my car. I have been trying to burn an mp3 CD of like 7 different albums on the disc.
I am trying to burn certain songs as the first couple tracks on the cd but nero keeps burning the songs in its own order it feels like doing. I have tryed many times burning the mp3’s in a certain order on the disc but it just keeps mixing the order all up. I have been dragging and dropping the songs into the disc in the order i want and then when i have them all in the order i want them to appear on the disc i hit the burn button and when the cd comes out the songs are all rearangged on the disc and then i dont know which numbers the songs are!! Is there any option that might be on that is mixing up the order of my mp3’s on the disc? Any Ideas? Thanks!

Just let them name like 01- 02- and so on when encoding to mp3 or do it afterwards.