Nero 7 Ultra Edition Enhanced (vision 4)

Hey what up guys,

Any video file i upload to Nero 7 it just refuses to burn. It begins burning it but after 4 min. of burning it just disappears and the start smart window appears. I’ve already ran the Nero General Clean tool and installed the latest version of Nero 7 but it still does the same. Do you guys have any suggestions for me?

It sounds like a driver or operating system problem. You might find something in XP’s Event Log. And if you do, it might give a clue.

I would try burning to an image file on the hard drive. That would eliminate the DVD burner driver. If that’s successful, you can burn the image file to the DVD. You could use Nero Burning ROM to burn the image, or you could use another program like CDspeed.

Using this procedure should help isolate the problem.

Thank you so much; i totally appriciate your suggestion. I’ll give it a shot.