Nero 7 Ultra Edition $27.99 has the Nero 7 Ultra Edition at on sale for $47.99 then there is a $20.00 rebate for $27.99 AND Free Shipping! Even without the rebate this is over half off retail.


I know there where a lot of problems with the early release of Nero 7. Hopefully Nero 7 has been upgraded enough to run properly.


Best Buy had it on sale this week for 29.99USD no rebates.

No their $29.99 is also after the same rebate.

For $2.00 difference buy at the one you have had the best experiences with.


No, they did not, alan1476. The price was AFTER rebates. Thanks for the information on a better price at, clgerow.

Back to one of the original questions; have the bugs been worked out?

aThe original user’s manual title page from a previous
full retail version of qualifying titles (see list on front).

aProof of previous ownership of full retail version of
products is required.

from the rebate form

Ok, I made a mistake, I already own it, I paid 59.99, that the only reason I noticed it. I did not see the rebate notice. I haven’t had many problems with it but I really do not use alot of the applications. I mainly use recode and the Lightscribe and the Toolkit. The rest just occationly.

Rebate details are attached. I don’t qualify because I upgraded to Nero 6 Ultra over the web at and you had to buy the full retail package.

The question is why bother? Chas had a valid question. Last time I checked Nero 7 was nothing but problems. I still have yet to hear any consistant proof that Nero 7 has had it’s major bugs fixed. Seen too many problems solved by people ditching Nero 7 (either for an older version or a different program) for me to waste money on picking up Nero 7.

Buggy or not, it’s still a good deal for someone who wants Nero.
Eventually the bugs will be worked out. So far, none of the problems have been insurmoutable, and support does exist thru this forum.
I feel that Nero 7 will be reliable before version 8 appears. If not who would buy version 8?

Thanks guys. As my 6 version still meets my needs, I will wait a while. Probably just before version 8 comes out. My guess is that it will be reliable when it starts being given away with drives.

Version 6 all the way. Does everything I need :iagree:

Yes and no. Even if I didn’t already have Nero, I certainly wouldn’t pay money for a buggy version. Yeah, they probably will get the bugs sorted out, but as pointed out by Chas, by that time you can get it as a freebee with your next DVD Burner upgrade. I guess it’s just me but someone telling me that Nero 7 is $28 is about the same as someone telling me that I could get DVD X Copy for only $28.