Nero 7 Ultra Can't Burn Movie Direct To DVD

Hi all, newbie alert!

I’m using Nero 7 Ultra & when using it to make a DVD movie everything (encoding, etc.) goes ok until I get to the final screen to burn the movie. The only burn option is ‘to image recorder’. Does anyone know why the ‘burn to dvd’ option is not available? I’m using Windows XP Home edition & the dvd drive I’m using is HL-DT-ST DVD±RW GWA4164B (built in).

Hope the above info is enough, thanks in advance.

usally that means nero just doesnt support the burner , get latest nero version it will likely fix it

On the new Compilation window on the top right hand side do you see your drive model number display if not then the previous poster is right you drive is support by Nero but you have it try to uninstall Nero reboot and fresh install it again and try it see now if is OK.

Thanks to both of you for your replies. I have the latest Nero version & tried uninstalling but no luck. I still only get the ‘image recorder’ option for burning. I used this to save an image to hdd, tried to then burn that using Nero Burning ROM/Nero Express with the same result, i.e. no option to burn to dvd or d: drive, etc. My drive model number does not display anywhere though Nero InfoTool gives lots of info on it. (The symbol [0:0] appears before D:\HL-… etc on top of the InfoTool window in the drop down menu if that’s any help).

From doing other searches on the topic it appears as though Nero just won’t recognise my drive model. From what I can gather I also have the most up to date drivers for it so it looks as though possibly buying a new drive is the best solution. Would an external drive work as well for dvd burning? May even go for a dual layer if I must go down this route.

Unless anyone has any more info on my particular drive or driver updates which might help with Nero? Thanks again for your time.