Nero 7 Ultra and Vista problem

OK I have spent hours trying to figure this out on my own, and I didn’t want to look stupid and ask but I must.

I have Nero 7 ultra running on my Vista computer. I would like to make backup disks of my digital video collection as well as my DVDs.

I have used the program to make 2 DVD out of files I had on my computer. I made one with a .ISO file, and one with a .avi file. both DVDs worked in my stand alone DVD player and had good picture quality, but lacked any seek functions, (rewind) and if the DVD was stopped when you tried to resume playback, they begin from the beginning. I know these are fairly minor things, but I would like to better the functionality of my disks.

I am using TDK DVD+R 8x 4.7GB media and slimtype DVD A DS8AZH ATA burner.

Please help. thank you

Hey guys i just wanted to bump this thread. I am still having this problem. Thaanks.

You have not provided enough information for the member to be able to provide any help. What version of Nero 7 you are using?, not all the Nero 7 version are VISTA compatable therefore you might have compatability problem between Nero7 you are using and VISTA.

Here is what I am working with. I have the Nero 7 Ultra edition

Update to the new version of Nero at there Website. V7.10.1.0:iagree:

Will I have to buy a new copy or is it an update?



There is no defference between update or full install program for Nero, the question is can you get new version for free or you have to buy new copy and that is depend to your S/N you have now whether is still valid for new version or not.