Nero 7 ultra and burn speeds



I have a new computer which had a qualitek burner on it. I use dvd shrink which apparently only uses nero. so, I bought nero 7 ultra, removed qualitek and installed nero 7. however, when i now use dvd shrink the slowest speed I can record at is 4x if I use a 1-8x dvd -r or 6x if I use a 1-16x DVD. I went into the settings for nero and it seems to support from 1-16x, but the only options in dvd shrink under burn speed is dependent on the speed of the blank dvd. apparently nero 7 recognises the blank dvd speed capability and sets itself to burn at a fast rate if the blank dvd will take it. I prefer to burn at 2x. Does anyone know how to get nero 7 and dvd shrink back to slower burn speeds?


Why would you want to burn at slower speeds, especially 2x? Burning at slow speeds does not improve quality, it can certainly worsen it. Especially where good quality media is concerned. Modern media should be burnt at it’s rated speed where possible, though on some drives 16x gives better results at 12x.


also, dvd shrink does not force you to purchase nero. you can use DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn to burn through Shrink as well (both of those programs are free)

ans JayC is right. as long as your firmware is up to date, the best results are obtained burning at or near the rated speed of the blank media. 8x discs probably shouldn’t be burned any slower than 4x, 16x no slower than 8x. your rsults might vary slightly on this, but it’s a good general rule.

burning too slow can cause just as many problems as burning too fast.