Nero 7 Talk

Has any one tested the new nero buring rom? What’s is it like, easy to use? Fast burning? etc… should i buy it?

Ive got it, its alright - they’ve made the whole thing noob friendly even more so than the previous version. However I don’t really see the attraction - its just basically the same as the old Nero. Its got a few new programs in its bundle, but most of the functions they perform could be down even better via using 3rd party programs.

Overall its all alright, nothing that spectacular. If you want to stay on top of all the ‘technology’ by all emans buy it, but its nothing new or great imo.

May I refer you to this forum, where a lot of topics are related to Nero 7:

I bought it yesterday for £49.99, and i don’t like it because it changed all my music, and video icons. (There all the same now), i am so confused!