Nero 7 "System-lock" during lead-in?

I realize it’s not a problem with the software, and it’s supposed to happen, but is there a way to disable what can only be described as a “system lock” while nero is writing the lead-in?

Anyone who’s used nero 7 knows what i’m talking about. While nero is writing the lead-in to a cd or dvd, it momentarily haults all other processes to prevent errors.

The problem, however, is with burning multiple discs at the same time. Now that i have 2 gigs of ram, and no swap file, i have no problems burning two discs at once at 8x or faster (i used to only be able to do it at 4x) but the problem comes when the two burns aren’t PERFECTLY timed up (i have to start both at the EXACT same moment) and one is trying to write data, while the system is still locked up because the one is still writing the lead-in.

If one disc finishes burning the lead-in before the other, and the system is still in the ‘lock-down’ then the disc that finished writing lead-in first will fail!

And for anyone who hasn’t had nero ‘fail’ let me tell you, it locks up the computer for a good while, so the disc that didn’t fail is all but worthless, since the computer takes 20-30 minutes to recover from nero trying to hault the writing process while two discs are burning!

So does anyone know why nero does this, and if there are any fixes? Or is there a different program i can use that doesn’t do this, that i might have more success with writing multiple discs with?

Thanks in advance. It’s just a bit frustrating, considering this is the primary reason i bought extra ram. And now it’s one problem down, and on to the next :frowning: