Nero 7 slideshow problem (New to forum - Hello!)



Hi there, I was wondering if I can be helped with a problem I’m having. I recently purchased a Sony DRU 830A DVD burner. I have burned my first three data disks successfully (dual layer burn backing up my music and photos) using Nero 7 Essentials Burning ROM. I spent 4 hours setting up a simple photo slide show with music and main menu for the three chapters I created. I followed along to the point of burning the DVD and the first time I had a failure, coaster one. Nero asked if I wanted to burn the project again and I tried again but this time a prompt indicated that the burn was successful! I inserted the DVD into my home theater DVD player and somehow the main menu title text was missing as well as there being no sound for the first chapter. The second chapter seemed fine, had the background sound but all of the images exhibit some pixilation and distortion which resolves itself but ony for a second or two. (I have the image display time set to 5 seconds.
It appears that all of the transitions worked fine but every picture has some pixilation. (I did not apply any pixilation transition effects)
So, I’ve wasted 4 hours creating this slideshow and I’m hoping someone could tell me if there is something I’m doing wrong. I figured for my first time burning to DVD a simple slideshow wouldn’t tax my system as a video DVD would. I did not apply any custom settings, I accepted all of the defaults within each dialog. Perhaps my computer isn’t up to the task but I have Pinnacle Studio 8 and have created/edited digital video with no problems.
Suggestions are appreciated!


18 views and no help! I’m wondering if I should “burn project to hard drive” and then burn it using Nero Rom to DVD?



Welcome to CD Freaks.

This is a reasonably specialised question & as your thread title gives no clue about the question then you’ll get many views as members have no idea what your asking about.

I’d suggest that you try out this type of project on to single layer discs first as dual layer burning can be difficult. Get some practice first.

Also what DL media are you using? If it’s not Verbatim you’re probably wasting your time with them anyway.


Hello Tim, sorry about the title. I’ll be more descriptive in future posts.
The problem I’m having is identical to the problem another user is having. It can be found in a post titled “Nero7 slideshow “jitter”–help!”. I am using Verbatim disks. The dual layer media is Verbatim as well. I was burning the slide show to a single layer Verbatim DVD and have the same issues as those in the post noted above. I wasn’t sure how to link the post. It appears to be the applied transitions between pictures.

Thanks for the reply Tim!