Nero 7 slideshow help

i have nero 7 and i have all the updates. when i make a slideshow it plays back fine but if i put trasitions between pictures there is a lot of flicking and the music kind of skips. i have burned it to a dvd and just to the harddrive and when played back they are both the same, i have tried some different setting and still no good, but if i take the trasitions out it is just fine, the pictures and the music. i have tried nero but they suck when it comes to any kind of online help.

Have the same problem on my old laptop. Freeing up as much memory as possible might help you. Also increasing ram too.

I have the same problem too!! Sounds like Nero may need to update???

If you really need a good slide show app, try Photodex Proshow products.

I’ve some slide shows with it, some with over 400 photos, and it really works.


Just wait for the newest Major Nero 7 update version 7.5 due any day.