Nero 7 serious burning issue

I just installed nero 7 to give it a try with my liteon 1673(with latest firmware) but i noticed serious burning issues, at least with this drive!
With nero 6 and nashua 8x (optodiscor08) i can get perfect burns!
This one has been made after uninstalling nero 7 and turning back to nero 6

As you can see the result is almost perfect!
With nero 7 (and NO changing firmware or burning strategy) i got two almost identical NOT WORKING discs.

Can somebody tell me what went wrong?
How can this happen?


I have tried nero 7 with my 1693S with absolutly no pb!!!

nero 7 is buggy to say the least, it still has burning problems with a variety of burners, as well as an audio bug when compiling a cd from mp3’s

Hi :slight_smile:
Nero confirms some bugs still present. Look for d/l beginning of Dec.