Nero 7 + Samsung TS-H552B errors

Hi Guys,

I’ve got probs when burning DVD’s with my burner and Nero7.
It completes the DVD but when doing the verification there are tons of ‘data verification blablabla sector blablabla’ being shown.

I had that problem some time ago, reformatted but prob remains.
Sometimes it works though, but that’s 1 DVD out of 10, the DVD’s are almost entirely unreadable afterwards, so it’s pretty useless for me to backup anything (i’m doing mainly DATA dvd’s).

I do however have absolutely no problem when burning CD’s, they are always 100% fine and free of errors…

I’m quite puzzled to be honest… don’t know what to try anymore…

Hopefullly someone has a brilliant idea.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Larry. :wink: