Nero 7 Review

It sucks Donkey doo.

It worked 2 times and started repeatedly crashing.

How articulate :rolleyes:
It couldn’t possibly be user error or that you have an illegal copy could it? :cop:

I got Nero 7 Ultra from the Internet Gods (i have been good…lol). Have burn a music cd, DVD copying and had no problems…Can not wait until it comes out in Oct. But have a copy already…LOL i better be stop for the Internet police get me…lol

Whether a copy is illegal or not does not affect its functionality or the number of bugs it has.

On the other hand, what could be floating around now, could be as cack as

An early, buggy as hell release, that will only be good when it get several more minor point revisons, and probably even a middle point or a “reloaded”.

I did a little testing of V7. Nero Burning ROM abends after you run Nero Express the first time. Nero Vision Express the video and audio are out of sinc again. It took Nero a year to get it working in NVE31016.

I would guess this V7 product was started about 6-7 months ago and all the fixes that are in 66016 have not been included.

I would say to wait about 6 months after the release date before swiching.

Good Luck…

I would suggest waiting for the final official release…

Don’t complain about a pirated version downloaded from the net not working…

Another brilliant post, Einstein.

Could be im a software devoloper. I build PCs from scratch, worked for a big company…

Could it be that its full of bugs?

No Genius boy insists on flaming me.

What is a more inteligent way of saying that its full of code ridden junk. GIGO. Id rather just say its donkey poo.

I downloaded this 528mb or so. Installed it and thought it looked clever. I burn’t 3 DVD image files one of which was my first ever Taiyo Yuden coaster the other 2 were fine. Then did 4 audio cd’s all of which were bad burns (TDK media) with track skipping and failing to read in parts. Took another 5 failed cd-r’s to decide to go back to version Had no failures at all since then.

I am looking at Alcohol and apon further inspection it will burn DVDs. I am also not sure why this program is 500 Megs, it has alot of features except burning DVDs.

you make me larff download a bent copy then have the nerve to complain
tusk tusk tusk

Not if it is the copy to be released. My copy is dated 14th Sept. It cannot go from bugged to buggery, to release standard, in 1 month.

Yet you chose a l33t screen name, can’t spell your own title, and can’t write proper English. Somehow I get the feeling that it “couldn’t be.”

And what about DVD QUALITY and SPEED? Is it better than Nero

double post

LOL… so true

Well i think its great , it looks nicer and ive had no probs