Nero 7 problems! Can you help

Hi all,
I have nero 7 platinum, I have updated to the latest version but I have a problem. Everytime I try to burn an album of mp3’s it will always say a certain track cannot be burned (attached). It says something along the lines of a plugin needing to be installed to get the other track on there…

Does anyone have an idea either how I get the plug in and instal it or how I sort this problem out another way?



Try the Nero site, and get any plug-ins for nero 7, if that does not work they un-install nero and use the nero clean tool which you can find also at to clean all traces of nero from you system and then do a clean install, Good Luck

I’ve heard that nero was the best software nowadays… I didn’t expected that it has still small problems. Hmmm… try to un-install first your nero version and install it’s latest version… I hope this would work. :doh:

I have seen other mentions of nero 7 having issues with mp3. It’s probably just a bug which is not a shock considering that it is a new version. Keep an eye out for an update.