Nero 7 Problem


I installed nero 7 ultra edition then went to create a copy of a disc

the disc i wanted to copy was an image so i mounted it on a daemon tools virtual drive

but when i went to slect that virtual drive in nero express there were no virtual drives listed just my DVD burner

Can someone please tell me how to get them to appear


I don’t think that’s the way you want to do it.

Instead of mounting the image and then trying to copy from the virtual drive, a lot faster would be if you would just give the image to Nero to burn directly. It will be about twice as fast (as copying is basically making an image of the disc you want to copy and then burning the image - you see the redundancy, when you already have the image, don’t you?)

What do you mean copy the files because my image is a mds and mdf file and nero says they dont recognize it

Use ImgBurn to burn it rather than Nero.