Nero 7 prob with DVDs only

Hi to all, i’ve got a problem with burning DVDs.

I’m using a brand new BenQ 1640 drive, and Nero 7.

This is what happens : Whenever I try to burn something on recordable DVDs, my Nero 7 show the progress locked at 6%. No data is written on the disc at all.
When trying to erase DVD+RWs with data on it, from my old computer. The progress bar finishes slowly to 100%, but the timer continues on like forever. After i emergency-eject the DVD out, and re-insert it, the data appears intact without being erased at all. Apparently, the drive can’t write/erase recordable DVDs at all.

So, i tried installing Roxio 8. Roxio 8 can erase written DVDs, but also cant write to it…

I don’t believe its a hardware problem, as my rig is relatively new. And also cuz Roxio 8 can erase those DVD+RWs.

More importantly, erasing/writing on CD-Rs is COMPLETELY OK. Nero 7 does that without any probs watsoever.

This strange problem occurs only when DVDs are concerned. It can read but cant write/erase.

I have heard some things from my friends abt aspi drivers or something. I would like some experienced opinion from you guys here, before i proceed.

Thanx very much for reading. Any help would be very much appreciated
Thank U! :slight_smile:

“aspi drivers or something”
Nero infotool will answer this. If your running xp in this it will say system ASPI, and thats ok.
“More importantly, erasing/writing on CD-Rs is COMPLETELY OK.”
You can’t erase CDR’S.
Do you have Roxio drag to disc or Nero InCD installed. Are these DVD+RW’S formated in those programs?

thanx for replyin!
yep, nero infotools show “ASPI is not installed” under system aspi
there’s a nero aspi driver installed though : wnaspi.32.dll
and yep, i understand u cant erase CD-Rs, wat i meant was i cld erase/write CD-RWs

and yep, i heard abt the incd’s packet writing prob, so i deleted and re-installed nero7 w/o the incd or roxio’s drag etc

nope, my dvd+RWs had data written by my old comp’s dvd writer. Not formatted by those packet-writing soft

so wat exactly does this aspi thing do?? is it a driver to enable the dvd drive 2 recognise recordable dvds??

i’ve downloaded this aspi_471a2 driver, but it is dated back to 2002. i havent installed it yet.

any advice??

Mine wxp in info tool ( aspi installation ) ( system aspi highlighted in blue ) Bottom aspi is not installed. This is ok. Is this what yours says?