Nero 7 premium

I have updated my nero 7 premium from to 7.10. 1.2
Now in my add remove programs there are 2 nero 7 premiums. one 7.02.9753 with 370.00 mb and 7.03.0637 with 487.00 mb

Is it safe to remove one or do they both have to stay?

You can close this post, I have upgraded to nero 8 and do not need an answer to this question. THANKS

Are you in the US or in Europe Donewell? The reson I ask is that Nero8 Ultra is for the USA and Nero Premium is for Europe, I think. Not sure about this.:confused:

I’m i canada, don’t know how i ended up with nero premium when i updated from 7.10 to 7,12 But now i have nero 8 suposed to be ultra but can’t tell, i download ed the new version from nero web , and i never installed the orignal