Nero 7 Premium "RELOADED" (out on 18.09.2006)!

Look Here:

…maybe is the version… :wink:

I don’t speak French but is this news? If it is what does it say?

Hi :slight_smile:
Even if you did. It may not help. It’s Italian I believe. The indications are that this will indeed be the version.(Or at least some variation 7.5...) :iagree: :bigsmile:

Its all Greek to me. I don’t even speak English that well.:o

According to Nero Rep in USA (in Nero is planning to release major update to Nero7 (Nero 7.5) due out next week or so.


“An official confirmation from MAN Europe arrives: on September 18 the new version Nero 7 Premium Reloaded will be released! According to the informations spread by the developers, this edition will increase the applications field: Nero SIPPS, the VoIP solution allowing users to make unlimited free calls between pc and pc, will be included also. And talking of wireless there’s Nero Mobile, a media center for handheld devices (palmtops, cell phones and so on) for personal entertainment. Nero 7 Premium Reloaded will be for sale at the price of € 79.99.”


All I want is a cheap, stable, feature-laden CD and DVD burning app. For the love of all things holy, I do not want VOIP software with my burning app… :frowning:

LOL… I know what you mean but you can choose to not install the things you don’t use. I myself found that Nero7 Reloaded has too many extras that I don’t really need/use.

I didn’t install Nero Home, Nero MediaHome, SIPPS and Nero Mobile. I don’t have any use for them.


I manage to get my hands on Nero but I’m pretty sure that the official release will be a different version number anyway.

I would totally dig it if they released Nero Basic and then Nero Ultra.

The BASIC would have ONLY Nero Burning ROM and the files needed to get that app running in full. Perhaps throw in the CD-DVD Speed app, the DriveSpeed app and the Info Tool app. MAYBE the Nero Express interface option for Burning ROM as well. Sell for $29.95 USD retail.

The ULTRA would have all the other stuff, like back-up, re-code, etc. and retail for $99 USD retail or maybe $79 USD retail.

That would be a great option, no?

Now why would they release bug free software for the masses?
That’s not their style.

They have abandoned that trend a long time ago. All you can expect now from Nero is crap. Such is Nero 7.

Thankfully Nero 6.6.x is not that bad. Good enough to make me want to forget all about those Roxio days… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm… Reloaded,
damn! just when I finished updating to the latest! :doh:
oh well just another add to the collection of 7.x.x.x eh!
Although they should come up with a better transcoder
and maybe even a good video editing suite but oh well. :stuck_out_tongue: