Nero 7 Premium randomly blanks my dvd-rw media!

I keep all of my loose software & drivers on a DVD-RW disk, and burn it as multi-session ISO. Sometimes when I continue a session and add something new to the DVD-RW Nero makes the disk contents unreadable and causes my system to think the disk is a blank DVD.

Has anyone seen this happen before? I am thinking about looking for an alternative to Nero if this happens again.

Also, if anyone has any ideas on how to grab my now lost files off of the DVD let me know (I am trying ISO Buster right now)

You might want to go to the Nero Burning ROM help file and read the part about Multisession CDs. It explains quite a bit about how they are burned. Maybe you will see something there to help.

If you make a first multisession copy with Nero Burning ROM let’s say then the second , third, fourth and so on add-on to the first multisession copy should be also with Nero Burning ROM, but if you upgrade to another version the previous multissession environment no longer exist and disc become unrecognizable.