Nero 7 Premium make DVD



Hey guys new here. I have 6, 700mb video files I want to burn on a dvd. They are xvid format. now those files come out to 4.2gb. What I don’t get is why is it when I add my 700mb file it turns out being like 2.35gig using half the space up on the DVD. If I make a data dvd it takes up exactly 700mb which is the actual size of the file. But, making a dvd to play in a dvd player with a 700mb file I can fit about two 700mb. I am guessing nero basic dvd template eats up the other 3.3gig on the dvd? If so that is ridiculous. So can anyone answer my question as to why a 700mb .xvid video file uses up 2.35gig on a dvd when using the make dvd feature with nero 7 premium? All I can think of is the stupid basic template that comes with nero is using up all the space. :a


Hi LiquidNeo and Welcome to CDF:

Any conversion in DVD video will increase file dimensions. Expect dramtic increases in file size when encoding an AVI file. When you’re burning an AVI as Data, there are no conversions taking place as the sturcture of the file is maintained.

Feel free to blame Nero for many things but not this one.


When the file is transcoded to DVD format, it gets larger, as was mentioned. If you want to get more files on the DVD, go ahead and add them and hopefully Nero will reduce the quality to get them to fit (watch graph on bottom). You can also change the video settings yourself to get a better idea of what will fit.

If you hold the mouse over the title on the titles page, it will show what setting will be used to transcode the files.


Hey guys, thanks for the help! Appreciate that. But, yeah I get it now makes sense. Thanks again. :bigsmile: