Nero 7 Premium Burning very slowly

Recently the burning speed of Premium 7 has slowed down dramatically.
I am burning mpegs/avi’s to a dvd-r & despite burning at a claimed 16x it is taking a very long time 2 burn.
The writing process will start quickly, the “remainting time” clock will show that there is 30 sec left but when the progress bar moves a 1/4 of the way it stops,the remaining time clock will count down to zero but the write process wont even be ¼ of the way finished. It will stay there for a while until the remaining time clock resets itself & shows 30 minutes to burn & then the process will resume writing.
This is ridiculously slow. Also,the remaining time & Total time clocks flash/blink whilst burning.
I have tried reinstalling this program but this hasn’t helped.

Both the Primary & Secondary IDE Channels said “DMA if available”
Out of desperation I uninstalled the DVD Rom drive, restarted the computer & Nero is still taking forever to burn.
I would appreciate any feedback

How much available space is there on your drive?

Hi,thanks for responding
Used space = 38.9GB
Free Space = 101GB

Plenty of free space.

even i am having problem using nero 7…it was working fine untill 3 days ago…now it takes around 36 min to burn a 4.5 gb dvd…also my system slows down toooo much…even winamp wont run in the background…my system idle process shows 97% while my cpu usage goes to 60% …i cant understand this…

I have the same proble, but i have installed version 8 and is ok now.
Requires more resources , but is more stable.Hope helps.