Nero 7 (Premium) and LightScribe (Benq1655) support?


Anyone managed to work with LightScribe (using BENQ1655 and LS_HSI_Update version and Nero 7 Premium (version )?

LabelFlash (NEC4571) is working fine thought.



PS: It was working fine when Nero6 was running :wink:

Hi fjorger.

Why shouldn’t LS work in latest Nero version? - Just make sure, that you have the “right” Serial for Nero 7, that supports LS! You can read more about this in CD Freaks Nero-Thread.

…but I still prefer SureThing…



I will look into it.

But it’s strange, I bought mine on a local store and it has the serial number included. And there wasn’t any other type of package.



Forget about Nero for Lightscribe labels. Go to and download the Surething label software for free. I’ve used both and the Surething is about a million times easier to use. The results are great and your control of backgrounds, text sizes, imports from media lists, etc. are way better.

Hi :slight_smile:
Works for me too. Have two LS capable drives (Lite-On & BenQ). LF works too. See here.
BTW One thing to check. Is LS started in services. Right click My Computer & then > Manage > Services & Applications > Services > LightScribeService Direct Disk Labeling Service.

Hi there,

I checked and it’s okay.

I don’t know what to do next :(. I will try to contact Nero support!

Hi :slight_smile:
A way to a quicker response (in terms of checking the LS thing), would be to try SureThing. Try their LS driver too. See if that helps.
LS driver.

Thanks everyone for the help,

It’s something to do with the premium serials, they do not activate the LightScribe function. Only ultra do, but then no LabelFlash support!!!

Go figure.

Since the version I bought wasn’t the latest one I did download the latest version. Guess what happened when I install only the update (working as demo)? LightScribe was working, then I tried to enter my premium serial and both functions were working (LS and LF) but one only as Demo (it will expire soon LOL)



PS: Still waiting for Nero support, regarding this issue.