Nero 7 Premium $19.99 No Rebate has the Nero 7 Premium for $19.99 with no rebate to mess around.



Nice Deal, you also get a few bugs here and there and headache for free. If you already have the 6.6 ultra, I recommend to keep it. And if you need DVD/CD speed tool the newest version, that can be downloaded for free. The burning Engine in Nero 7.0 is not something to be bragged about.

Nice deal overral for folks who have no burning softwares and need something to startout. Then this package is complete as your starter kit.

it shows as sold out now.

nero 7 may be buggy at the moment, but that’s a great price to grab it and then just wait until all the updates and patches are worked out.

and by the time they get close to releasing an erorr free nero 7, a nice new buggy nero 8 will be avialable :slight_smile:

Anyone here know the difference between Nero 7 Premium and Nero 7 Ultra. Was looking at Nero’s web site and can not figure it out.


it’s only marketing

Nero 7 Premium = europe and maybe other regions

Nero 7 Ultra = united states

Wouldn’t it cost about the same (or less) to just hold on to Nero 6.6 and to just do the update to a stable version when it is released? Of course I realize this doesn’t work for people who don’t have Nero yet. :wink:

good point. i have no idea what the upgrade cost is, but tha tprobably makes sense. i bought nero at version 6 and have no intentions of upgrading to 7 at any time in the near future.

Its probably not going to be cheaper than 20$ and probably a bit more. I have a retail copy of nero 7 and I pulled that worthless crap off my computer and went back to using 6. Still, 7 does have some beter feaures (if they worked). Nero 6 was just as bad when it was new (and even still has a few minor bugs). For 20$, I would say get it. It should be free upgrade through all nero 7 versions I would think. for that price, hold onto it till they get it more stable. I’m guessing a good year or more before it becomes worth using (but who knows), but I still think it would be worth holding onto for a while for that price. Thats why I’m not pissed about buying nero 7 (on sale but not that cheap). Eventually it will get beter and I will get my money out of it. Since I have it, I can try it whenever I want to see if I like it (and with multiple computers I can run 6 and 7 so no down time). If I don’t like it, kill it and reinstall 6 again. Its there whenever I want it.

Fyi nero use to have standard upgrade priceing and oem versions didn’t qualify. Now, you have to enter your serial number to get a price and oem versions are ok. there was a thing with nero just after 7 came out that nero 6 users could upgrade to 7 for free (if they just bought 6) and this might have ran just before nero 7 was out too (probably to keep sales up). they refused to upgrade anyone that didn’t pay 100$ retail for it, 80$ down load if I recall right (they even refused people that bought 100$ retail versions on sale or with rebate). Of course after all the angry customers and talk on the forums they changed policy a bit an let more people upgrade for free. The point though is, I think they know (based on your serial number and what it was sold for, ie part of a promotion), full price copys from discounted copys, even full retail copys might have a higher upgrade if they were sold discounted). This is just a guess though and I have been known to be wrong. After all, I did pay 111$ for an athlon 64 3000 about a month ago, doh!!!

Don’t understand why bagging Nero 7 is so popular. I’ve had it on two PC’s for months and haven’t noticed any issues yet. Admittedly, I haven’t delved too deeply into most of the features and extra programs but creating data compilations and burning image files have been uneventful.

i’ll admit when i rag on nero it’s partially sarcasm/humor and partially because I don’t like nero, but it’s not entirely without basis…a quick search of this forum turns up plenty of issues attributed to nero bugs.

i mainly use nero vision express and that seems to be one of the worst parts of nero as far as recent bugs go.

for straight data burning, nero is my preference (nero burning rom), but that will be the only time you see me saying i PREFER nero :wink:

and like you said, for your uses you have no problems…and those uses are the most popular which means nero probably spent the most time perfecting these before release. it keeps about half of their customer base quiet while the other half are finding bugs in all of the other programs and features.

plus the exponential increase in memory useage in nero 7 would probably kill my comuter. i have a well-maintained computer, but I son’t kid myself about its capabilities. it’s old (about 4 and a half years). at the time, 512MB RAM was top of the line, but these days if i ran my OS plus Nero 7 i’d be pretty much bogged down to the point where i couldn’t do anything else.

that’s just my opinion on the matter of course :slight_smile:

Nero Express is Great, easy to use/user friendly. But the regular nero, one bug I found is that when you have multiple burners, you have to go in there to choose which burner you want to use before you can use it or you will never be able to burn anything unless you have to put a blank disc into a default burner. So if you dont want to use a default burner, You have to reconfig it everytime. As for Nero Vision Express, I dont even install it. I have ACDSEE Pro 8.0 so I never install Nero Vision Express. And the other features I use from nero are the CD-DVD speed tool and Nero Showtime. I use Nero Showtime only when I load an image to watch movie because it works on an image. But for regular DVD playing, I use home player or WinDVD 7.0. And for DviX and other MPEG files, I use WinAMP Pro. With the newest version, I still see some bugs and My Main softwares for burning/ripping are not Nero. Thats the reason why I dog Nero and I am sure most people dog nero too since Nero is not their primary software for ripping or burning. And of course I bug it because of the bugs. You will run into it when you use it more.

you seem to have a similar take on nero as me. it’s good for some things, but not others.

as far as cd-dvd speed goes, that’s not necessarily a part of nero. you can just download that as a standalone application.

if you’re looking for an alternative to nero showtime (not sure if you’re satisfied with it or not) but VLC plays pretty much everything including images without hacing to mount or extract them.