Nero 7 please help me!

I tried burning an ISO file of a program and it burned correctly and installed. I used nero 7 ultra edition and used the burn DVD image option. The problem is when i tried to run the program after installation. I got an error telling me to insert the correct cd? Can anybody please help me !! This is driving me crazy.

Were there any instructions about how to burn the image? Maybe the installer expects multiple CDs instead of a DVD.

Got the name of the program and a link?

Looks like a copy of a game DVD & many will not be able to run like this.

yea it is a burned game ISO and it is a DVD, im not sure about the multiple disc thing. I’m a noob to this stuff though. All i want to do is be able to back up my games so i dont have to worry about losing the discs or damaging them. Should i use something other than NERO 7 ? Also it should be a complete 1:1 copy if i made an ISO from the disc right? Then I burned the ISO to a DVD and it wouldn’t work. Asked me for the correct DVD to be inserted. ???

Please help

You might need to visit this sub-forum . It deals with various protections which could be your problem.

Try not to use the burn DVD image option just burn the ISO file, That might resolve the problem.