Nero 7--Photo Slide Show (VCD) Question

Using Nero 7, I made two (2) Photo Slide Shows (VCD) and burned EACH to a seperate CD. Worked perfectly!! Now I want to ‘combine’ these 2 CD’s into only 1 CD…in other words, put the photos of CD #1 and the photos of CD # 2 on 1 CD. Since all the work is already done, is there a way to combine these two CD’s into one CD? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Once you burn the 1st CD, it ‘closes’ the CD, and does NOT allow something else to be burned to that particular CD…HOWEVER, I would just like to have # 1 and # 2 combined and appear seamless!

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Nero vision should do it!!!

What is Nero Vision?? Is it part of Nero 7 which I have?

Yes!!! If you have a full version!!

You are correct, I do have it, but when trying to ‘combine’ both projects, it will not allow me to move # 2 into #1 or vice-versa. Any suggestions?

If I remember, you cannot have more than 100 pictures per project. But you can have several differents project on the same media.

Yes, I know that…on CD # 1 I have about 6 projects with 95 photos EACH…on CD # 2 I have 2 projects, with about 75 photos EACH. Now I want to combine CD # 1 and CD # 2 to have only 1 CD with ALL projects and ALL photos on it. I keep reading and looking but have not yet been able to move the stuff from # 2 onto # 1…very confusing…any help would be appreciated.