Nero 7 Patent Activation



I am using Nero 7 and when I try and burn a movie a window pops up and says Patent activation required.It also says I have tried installing on more than one computer which I have not.I have had to reinstall a few times after I had to do a system recovery.Has anyone else had this problem,I cannot get a response from Nero.


I have not had that problem but suggest you use the cleantool remover and restart. If Nero asks if you want to save your settings, respond with “No” to help ensure you are starting over from scratch (make sure you have saved your serial number).

Download the correct file and re-enter your Nero serial number. If you want to make use of Nero’s features, you will need to agree to patent activation.

From Nero’s website:

Why has the patent activation failed? I get the message “Duplicate Patent Activation”.
Unfortunately, your license for Nero only allows you to use the Nero suite on one PC at a time. This message most likely indicates that you are attempting to use your Nero-licensed product on more than one PC. Please follow the dialog box in the activation window in order to obtain an additional license for your Nero software at a special discount price.