Nero 7 on windows 7




I am having trouble locating some avi files on my system to burn.
the files are there when i go into the video folder… but when i try to burn a movie and the folder open up where the video files are located…i can only see one file?
i am at my witts end with this and any help would be appreciated:iagree:

Thank you so much


According to Nero: [I]Nero 7 has not been tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be Compatible with Windows® 7. Nero 9 has passed Microsoft-designed tests for compatibility and reliability on PCs running the Windows® 7 operating system.[/I]

If you are just burning the avi files and not converting them, I would suggest using ImgBurn instead. It is free to use and fully compatible with Win7.

If you are converting to dvd-video, try the free tool AVStoDVD. It can produce superior results using the HC encoder and can be set to burn automatically with ImgBurn.


Thanks Kerry

thats great advice…

I will try what you suggest and I may get nero 9

Thanks very much



The core components in Nero 7 continued to work when I upgraded to win7, now I’m using Nero 10 and it seems to be pretty good so far. I think they’ve been listening to the complaints and have tweaked it to be a lot better.
BUT if you have 7 I think it will work fine, did for me.


It doesn’t seem to be working in this case, which is why I suggested alternatives.

Nero 7 was a big, bloated mess of a burning suite as far as I am concerned. From what I’ve seen around the net at various sites, the complaints are still coming in fast and furious about the newer versions, but I haven’t had the slightest desire to try one of them to find out for myself. Too many good, free options these days.


Well I used 7 becuase it was the last one I had and did everything I needed well, plus I do use Image Burn and a few other freebies that do things better and cheaper then Nero.
Nero still has a few functions I really like and sometimes it’s just easy to fire it up and do a disk to disk copy and things like that.
I have tried out version 10 and it seems pretty good to me for the things I’ve always liked in Nero and hasn’t caused any issues for me in win7 or with any of the other free programs I like, Nero 7 even still works side by side with it.
Some of the free stuff is great, some of it requires a learning curve to figure out but I guess that’s the price for it being free :bigsmile:


thanks guys, lots of great advice…not sure what i will do?
i just want to burn video files on a dvd with good dvd quality
may i ask for some other alternatives?I see two metioned earlier from Kerry any other suggestions?


More alternatives? CDBurnerXP is another free burning program that is well respected.

You haven’t clarified if you are converting the avi video to dvd-video format or not. If you are, then you might consider DVDFlick, which is similar in function to AVStoDVD, and might be slightly easier to use for those new to this type of program.


This one can make AVCHD disks, BD disks I’m pretty sure, HD-DVD disks, and regular DVD disks and it’s free too multiAVCHD 4.1. I used it to make AVCHD disk on regular dvd’s to play in my Blu Ray player and it worked nicely with the edited HDTV ts files I fed it. Never really played with the make DVD disk function but it has it and supports a bunch of formats.
I think it can edit too but it might be easier to use another program to edit the files if needed then run the results through it.
I used VideoRedo but it definitely isn’t free, but does a nice job. I’m sure there are many free ones that can edit your files if needed too.


thanks again guys, what i would like to do is what Nero did in Windows xp
i think Nero converted it then burned it automatically within the same program.
maybe i will have to use two seperate programs to now do this?

Thanks again for all the suggestions.
I will surely try some of these out


Many of the free ones will use Image Burn to make the disk after they are done doing their thing to the files, AVCHD does, some can use a few options to burn the disk so it’s kinda up to you what you want to use, some even burn it themselves or use Image burn or whatever. There are a lot of options that work well for free.