Nero 7 On Sale

For anyone interested, Fry’s has Nero 7.0 Ultra Edition on sale into today’s ad for $24.99 after rebates. I’ll be heading there this weekend to buy one.


I hate rebates. Major pain in butt :Z


If you don’t happen to have a Frys close to you - here is the link to the Frys online site here:

btw - there is a $30 rebate off the $75 regular price and an additional $20 for “competitive software” rebate-


Many of the rebates on the products which have two rebates usually ask for the ‘original UPC’ in both. I have never understood how two rebates would work on the same product, as every product has only one UPC code. :confused:

have any1 tried it?? especially on DL media?? how is the layout interface?? is it user friendly??

Yo gc-

If this is like Nero 5 or 6 - it will probably take them 6 months to a year to get it right - me personally - I’m sticking with Nero 6 for at least a year - or until I see that they have their collective $hite together-