Nero 7 (OEM) and Vista Ultimate - BAD?

I tried yesterday to install the Nero 7 “Essentials” bundle that came with my Liteon burner in my Vista side of the dual boot.
Installation never finished…I had to “End Process”.
I then tried to uninstall…wouldn’t go.
I then tried System Restore, forgetting that Vista’s SR points are wiped out by XP in a dual boot scenario…darn it!
The regedit method took me two hours, but it worked.

Is there something in the Nero 7 “Lite” that doesn’t like Vista?

Whilst I’m on the subject…InCD (not that I really want it) was supposed to be on the CD, I couldn’t find it anywhere in the installed software. Clues?

I think I read something very recently about Nero 7 not being quite Vista ready yet & that Ahead were busy working on it.

InCD should be downloadable from Ahead. Not that I’d ever install it personally.

I would assume the OEM version would be something prior to Nero 7,, which was the first version to work in Vista. The current Version has some updates for Vista, so if you were to go with that , it should work.

InCD is not installed by default, you need to do a custom install, or use product update to install it.

My best bet is probably to buy Nero 7 directly from them. I’ll check out a few reveiews first.


You don’t need InCD in Vista Ultimate. I discovered today that vista has built in packet writing software. All you have to do is right click the drive with the RW in it and click on format.

I noticed that the InCD portion was X’d out in the installtion, probably because Nero knows that.

Now if I could only get it to accept the serial number they just sent me…it wont of course.

Only Nero full version is VISTA compatable the rest will have compatability problem with VISTA.

Just bought Ultra Enhanced (etc. etc.) and it’s not accepting the new serial number they gave me…grrrr!

Did download the Nero7751 and then Nero people mail you the key? If this is the case, you have to send them email and explain the key is not accepted by registry. I thought in your first post you said you got essential version of Nero that came with your Late-On drive.

Yes I did say that. So then I took advantage of an upgrade offer they sent me to go up to the full Nero Ultra.

So is it safe to buy a retail version of Nero 7 Ultra and install it, assuming it is old, and then update with the patches from Nero? For Vista Compatibility.
Will the incompatible version at least install?

I just downloaded and installed it straight into Vista. There’s been one update since then.
The download page is carrying 7.8 right now.

So is it working now?.