[Nero 7 - Nero Vision] How can I disable transcoding completely?


I am interested in burning a DVD with Nero Vision 4.

Usually I do this with 1 movie in a single DVD, but now I am interested in burning a few files in one cd, using a menu.

I chose Nero because of the special 3D sample I found very special.

The problem is that it needs 6 hours to burn 1 dvd. The files are already converted to MPEG, and using another program I can burn them in less than 5 minutes, but without the special menu.

Therefore, how can I tell nero not to transcode at all? I just want to burn the files AS IS along with the special menu.

If that is not possible, can you please recommend a program that has the ability to make such a 3D menu?

Thanks Alot!

Can Anyone help? :frowning:

Welcome to CD Freaks.

In Nero 6/NVE it’s a case of enabling Smart Encoding (Default Video Options) and as long as the MPG file is compliant then it should not need to re-encode.

Hopefully the setting is similarly located in Nero 7.


Thanks for the comment.

Nero starts to transcode wheter Smart Encoding is enabled or not.

I converted the files from AVI to MPEG (KVCD Quality) With WinAVI Convertor. Usually, When I burn only 1 file per DVD (without a menu), I don’t run into any problems, and the cd’s work excellent in the DVD device.

The only difference is that I want to use that special 3D menu Nero has to offer.

Any other suggestions, or maybe a recommendation to another program?

Thanks again.

KVCD format is not DVD compliant I’d guess so that’ll be why NVE re-encodes it.

You could perhaps give DVDLab a go, it might handle things better. I think there’s a trial available for it.


I’ll Try it and update.

I tried some other programs, all of them offer lame menus.

Isn’t there any special program for special menus? :frowning:

Thanks again.

Nero Vision is very picky about the format. The MPEG file you have really has to conform to the DVD video specification perfectly, otherwise Nero will transcode. Both, video and audio need to be DVD-video valid, and I don’t think KVCD qualifies. Try converting your files to one of the following if you are in US and use NTSC format:

Up to 9.8 Mbit/s (9800 kbit/s) MPEG-2 video, 29.97 frames per second and one of the following resolutions:
720 × 480 pixels MPEG-2
704 × 480 pixels MPEG-2
352 × 480 pixels MPEG-2
352 × 240 pixels MPEG-2

There are also specific audio formats, but I think Nero is smart enough to transcode only audio portion if video alone is okay.