Nero 7 need to know how to overlap tracks

using Nero 7 - I would like to know how to overlap CD music tracks

Thanks for help

Hi Mort2 and welcome:

You posted in the Newbie section so I won’t feel guilty recommending another program (yes, I really like Nero but I searched in their Help files/manuals including Wave Editor and couldn’t find an answer).

Audacity is a free and highly recommended program and the assistance link will hopefully meet your needs.

Thanks for rapid response Jeff53404
Actually Nero6 has that feature , unfortunately I uninstalled it.
However, I will explore Audacity.
Thanks again

You might want to look in Nero SoundTrax but I don’t know what Nero product you have and SoundTrax might only be available with the full retail version. Regardless, the SoundTrax help file has minimal information.

If you want to sitck with Nero and don’t have SoundTrax, download the trial version (suggest using Nero 8 - not Nero 9).