Nero 7 Multisession Burning ROM Issues

Hey all…just wondering if anyone else has experienced either of these issues:

  1. 95% of the time, when trying to to add session(s) to a multisession data DVD disc, nero express does not see the existing sessions on the DVD disc. They do not list out in the nero express window. (however, any session(s) do show up successfully when I click ‘disk info’). I ensure the disc goes into the drive first, then I start Nero, and still the application does not see the existing sessions.

  2. Nero Burning ROM does not start up AT ALL in Nero 7. Instead I get an error message when I try and start it saying that the program has experienced an error and needs to close. Interesting since it never does start in the first place.

If anyone has any insights, especially on #1, I would love to hear from you.


I just had the same problem.

So, I tied to burn a multisession disk again, and reload it.

It worked fine, loading the info when I reinstalled the disk and brought up Nero again.

The only thing I can figure, is that maybe , even though I think I checked the multisession option, maybe I answered the warning question wrong, when they give the warning that the dvd/cd may not be readable on other drives. Got to make sure you click “burn multisession anyway”.

The dvd I was having problems behaved as if it had been finalized.

One other note:

When you put the disk in, and select dvd data (or cd data), and it doesn’t load the old session, hit the tab at the left to pull out the menu, and look at disk info. On top of the disk info window, if available capacity is dimmed, then the disk is finalized.