Nero 7 messing file types associations on update

Hi! I have a very big problem and I hope I can get a solution here. Every time I update Nero 7 to a newer version (which from version requires you to uninstall the old version), it is messing up my file types associations. I have to mention that from the very beginning when I install Nero 7 (after a fresh Windows install), everything works fine and also I don’t install Nero Home, SmartStart, WaveEditor, SoundTrax, ShowTime, MediaHome, Record and PhotoSnap at all, so they don’t change my file types associations (or do they?).

Please help me get rid of this bug in the Nero 7 installer (if there is a sollution).

With respect,
Sabin Finateanu.

Welcome to CDFreaks, for uninstall previous version of Nero first use:

  1. Nero Clean Tools (can be downloaded fro
  2. go to Documents and Setting\UserName\Temp\Nero and delete all the files in this folder.
  3. go to C:\allprograms
    ero and delete this folder completely.
  4. Reboot your computer and install latest version of Nero before installation goes further delete the product key and write your own P/K and then proceed.

You do understand that when you install Nero 7 you are given a window which allows you to choose which file associations you want along with what shortcuts you want set up. Are you not seeing that options box during your install? If you leave it alone, it will take just about every file association. I normally go through and uncheck the ones I don’t want Nero opening for.

That windows is given to you only if you choose to install Nero ShowTime and/or PhotoSnap.

You actually get the window for every fresh install. If you use the clean tool to remove the old version and then install the new version, you will get the window during the process. I am not sure if you use product setup, since it doesn’t seem to work well anyway. I am assuming, that since you don’t seem to load all the Nero utilities, that you are using custom install.

If you have certain file types that you want changed, you can do that in the folder options area in control panel.

Yes, I am using a custom install. My question is when do I run the clean tool? Before or after I uninstall Nero? On the Nero website, it doesn’t say exactly.

I use the clean tool to uninstall.

OK, but does it remove Nero Vision & BackItUp too (or any other Nero program besides Nero Burning ROM)?

The clean tool removes everything–when you reinstall, it reinstalls everything. It will ask you if you want to keep your personal settings, and if you say yes, I am not sure what it keeps exactly–maybe some of the file associations. I would guess if you do a custom install and do not install a utility that normally has file associations that those associations would not be changed.

The only thing that doesn’t normally get installed on a default install is InCD. Everything else is selected for install. When you use the custom install, you can choose.

What exactly is it you are afraid might be removed? What file associations do you want or not want to change?

To be sure… install Nero and Vision without any file associations except the ones you know are needed and you understand. Then only associate as you go, normally by right clicking the file that you want to use then click OPEN WITH / CHOOSE PROGRAM / HIGHLIGHT THE PROGRAM TO USE / THEN CHECK THE BOX “ALWAYS USE THIS PROGRAM FOR THIS TYPE OF FILE” and it should be fine. If you load other programs they also try to steal the lime light, but just revert the file back to Nero as above. Another idea never update if your version is good and covers your needs.