Nero 7 memory leak. How to fix?

I recently upgraded from Nero 6 to Nero 7 and everything seems to be going fine so far, except for the fact that after every rip to my HD or burn to a DVD-R, my computer locks up even after I close Nero. This also occured even after I ran the latest updates to Nero 7, so I have the latest version.

When I go into Task Manager and go into the processes tab, under “NMIndexStorageSvr.exe”, I’m getting at least 210,698 K running. :eek:

I then have to manually highlight it and click the End Processes button in order to free up memory.

Is there a setting in Nero that I need to shut off so I won’t have to keep doing this?


If you do search function on this thread you will find that this top has been discussed extensively.

I already tried that under the search terms “memory leak” and “NMIndexStorageSvr.exe” and found nothing.

Do you have a link I can use?



If you read all the thread in this forum you will find the answer to your question.

I don’t have this problem ( i haven’t updated to Nero 7 yet) but i’ve used the forum search and couldn’t find help - aren’t we meant to be helpful here? If somebody knows of a thread or some search keywords to find help wouldn’t that be better, even saying you will find an answer in the threads of the first 2 pages - suggesting to read all the threads isn’t that helpful, and how long would it take LOL

Anyway i couldn’t find that much stuff on this, even googling, so my gut reaction would be - what version of 7 do you have - maybe update to the latest version. Another feeling is that it may be something to do with Nero Scout and maybe Nero Home. As i said before i haven’t installed Nero 7 yet but the way Scout seems to work seems to put it up as a candidate for this type of problem. If you have no need of Nero scout then i would try to get rid of it to see if it makes a difference. I don’t think there is an uninstall for Scout but if you google for remove nero scout or stop nero scout then you should find the info, seen a couple of methods - there’s a command you type in to the run box to unregister a nero dll, and i’ve also seen people using a reg entry


I’m not saying this is the answer as i don’t have Scout installed, just that i think maybe it’s a possibility and worth trying.

I uninstalled Nero Home which included all that bloatware…let’s see what else can trim this pig down…

p.s. - i think you got the file name wrong and it should be nmindexstoresvr.exe - google and you get loads of results

I’ve just installed Nero7 and although i didn’t have any probs i used the command to remove Nero scout - didn’t use the reg entry - yet! Also went in to start->run->msconfig->startup and unticked the entry for NBmonitor, and then i got rid of Nero search by using info from


scroll down to 6th post and type in the command or download the link, unzip, and run the shortcut and Nero search is gone!!

Now i don’t have any Nero processes running!

I really don’t think you’re being very helpful here. :confused:

Is there a way to do this?

I don’t see an option for it in Control Panel. It seems to be an ‘all-or-nothing’ deal when it comes to Nero 7.

With Nero 6, I could cherry-pick what I wanted on there…

Well, when you have the Nero startsmart interface up you can click the Nero logo or the product setup button in the bottom right. Click on setup on the left and then modify under Nero 7 in the left hand pane - you then get a box appear listing the different modules. Click the downward pointing arrow next to a module and select ‘This feature will not be available’ to uninstall it. Well i presume it uninstalls it - as i did this duriing the initial install and i deselected, Nero Home, Nero mediahome, Photosnap, Incd, Nero Mobile. So you can get rid of as much as you want
Then i followed the info in - downloaded the zip file i mentioned, unzipped and ran the shortcut link, then went in to msconfig and unticked NBMonitor - these last bits got rid of/disabled Nero Scout and Nero Search

So that’s what the culprit is: Nero Scout.

Since it doesn’t appear in my Control Panel, I had to use RegSupremePro to delete it, as well as that other useless Nero bloatware you mentioned. I then used RegSupremePro to clean the registery as well. I also disabled NBmonitor this way instead of through msconfig.

And just to make sure, I also used CCleaner to clean up whatever bits & pieces of crap that was left behind.

I do not like the way Nero 7 installs itself from the way you could update each package from the website for Nero 6. I should’ve stuck with Nero 6.

My friend before criticizing people not being helpful you must do your homework of digging in to past threads for your subject then ask for the help. Here is one of those threads dealing with your question that you are not interested to use the search function.

TCAS - That post has to do with Nero & usage of the UltraBuffer. It has nothing to do with the original posters problem.

Anyway, the URL one guy gave about Nero Scout was helpful…at least for me. :bigsmile:

If you just give yourself a chance to read the whole thread you will find out the memory leak in Nero 7 is being discussed.

I noticed that Frys has Necro 7 FAR. Is this a good move, or should I stick with Nero Ultra 6.6?

Sir, I appreciate that link, thank you very much. That’s all I asked for to begin with.

I made a [B]reasonable effort[/B] to do it on my own beforehand and came up with nothing. I don’t post questions here for the sake of being lazy.

I did not use “RAM consumption” as a search since my problem wasn’t RAM consumption [U]while[/U] the program was ripping or burning, but rather it was [U]only[/U] that one file in Task Manager that wouldn’t close after I closed Nero 7.

Besides, I have 2GB of RAM, so memory isn’t an issue, either.

I have the download version of Nero 7 so now I need to find out how to download only certain portions of Nero 7, and [U]not[/U] the whole program. [B]If [/B]that’s possible.

Then uninstall Nero 7 use clean Tools to do all deleting from registry reboot your PC and reinstall the Nero 7 @ the start of installation you will see a window asking you what module you need to be installed select athe boxes that you need to be installed.

Are you talking about this?