Nero 7 lightscribe solution

I read some of the thread down further… anyhow i just got a liteon lightscribe drive and had the same problem… the easy solution is to go to and download and run that lightscribe update… if you have any problems after that for some reason then ityd be a firmware issue on your part… so nero 7 DOES have lightscribe support and it works too… i just used it =)

hope this helps… made a new post so more people would see it

I had to do this for Nero 6, as well as the SE version of the software I download right from the lightscribe site(forgot the name). Before I ran this, neither program gave me the options for lightscribing. I was going a bit nuts trying to figure out what I was doing wrong(just picked up my firs lightscribe drive, an HO 840i) After I ran the above install, both showed lightscribe options just fine.

no offense to either of you, but doesn’t it go without saying that you need to download the lightscribe drivers before having the ability to burn a lightscribe image? your computer needs some method communication between the drive and the software and as far as i know most drives do not come with bundled software/drivers (beside smaybe an OEM copy of nero or powerdvd which are utterly useless)

No it doesn’t because my drive came bundled with Nero, which I already had. I thought the drivers were already part of NERO(or whatever labeling software you use that supports LS) and that Nero would handle it. There was very poor documentation with my drive(as always) and as far as I saw it didn’t say it needed special drivers. They may have been on the included Nero disk, but since I had Nero installed, there was no need to use it(the disk was labeled as Nero OEM only, not a generic drivers disk).

The place I finally saw it on was on the site, when I went there looking for help as to why it wasn’t working.