Nero 7 keeps scanning vst plugins?

When starting nero 7,
I put together an audio cd compilation using nero7 but when i try to hilite the tracks so i can listen to them b4 actually burning the cd nero scans for vst plugins :a
How can i stop this from happening :sad:

I’d love to know if you found a solution for this, it’s been driving me nuts for months… especially since it seems to attempt to load most plugins 3 or 4 times and I get the same “This plugin only works with…” message over and over for each one.

I must tell you,
All i did was uninstall the version of 7 that i had and installed the latest 7 and it only scanned 1nce on me. I know it sounds silly but it worked 4me. I am using it right now :iagree:
let me know if that helps

p.s. what version of 7 ru using?

Thanks, I’ll give that a try… I’m at Ultra here…

Just checked my version
I’m@ and i know this isn’t the latest i just have no need to upgrade yet.
maybe u should

Yeah, just great… I downloaded the latest version, uninstalled the installed copy, and now I can’t reinstall - it stops everytime complaining it can’t find a particular CAB file (filename is different every time, but it’s always looking for something that doesn’t exist).

Now this is a huge step backwards…

I had this problem with 2 different machines, and after some trial, frustration and error, I eventually stumbled onto a fix:

Uninstall Nero. Then move all of your VST plugins into a folder and move them to a different drive (if possible) or put them on a disc.

Reinstall Nero. Try to hilite a song. It MAY do the scan, but will not find any VST or direct x fx for the first run.

Reboot the machine. Burn one CD then shut down nero.
Move the vst plugins into the original folders. The next time you run Nero, it should bypass whatever is bringing up the scan for results and just run normal.

Worked for me on 2 machines.

PS - it isn’t good enough to just ‘uninstall’ Nero, but you have to also run the Nero Remover Tool (this gets rid of settings that stay in the machine registry and therefore eliminates any preset functions causing this.)