Nero 7. it burns any cd/dvd i write from hard disk if i put any cd/dvd on me dvd-rom

Hi. i have one major problem for me with nero when i burn from hard disk one cd/dvd in my nec 3551 dvdrw when i put anyone cd/dvd in my asus e616a dvd-rom the exactly tha same moment the nero it burns the cd/dvd and put it out. I have attach the error log file and the infotool file. i try to install the nero in some friends computer from pure format and the problem still exist. what may i do to fix this problem to can write any cd/dvd from hard disk and i read any cd/dvd from my dvd-rom drive. and with nero 1st when i write from dvd to dvd on the fly it write all the dvd in 4x speed when i choose 16x. and it burns one full dvd(4480) in 15 minutes why this happend??? and to some of my friends pc and to mine in older time it write from dvd to dvd on the fly in 9 minutes. and somethins else most of the times the button complete after one complete and succes burning it stucks and i can’t press it and the only way to exit from nero is to go to task manager and press end task to the nero process. i am from greece and my name is grecory. a lot of thangs for your answers.