Nero 7 issue with new pc

I have recently put together a new pc and upgraded from my old one. I already had a dvd burner (which was only 5months old) and ever since i have had my new pc when i go to burn music cd’s they are all aways burning with faults in them.

Before on my old computer i used NEro 6, now i use Nero 7 and every audio cd i burn (always at the slowest speed) just skips and has a crackling noise in the backround. It never used to happen in my old pc but it ahppens all the time now.

Its not he brand of cd’s, and its not the burner, is it Nero 7 or a setting???

Try updating to the latest Nero 7. Nero 7 does seem to have some Audio CD issues.

As an alternative Burrrn ( is a good free alternative which could help you rule out/in Nero as being the culprit.

Don’t burn too quickly, maybe 16-24x only.

There was a problem with the mp3PRO.dll file. in early Nero 7 versions


  1. Update to the latest Nero7 version (it has been corrected if i am not mistaken)
  2. Copy paste the dll file from Nero6 (AudioPlugins folder)
  3. Use Nero6
  4. Use Feurio