Nero 7 ISO burned incorrectly

The behaviour of Nero really puzzled me. Could someone give me an explanation of the following

I use Nero

I burned ISO image on Verbantim cd-rw 650MB using PX-716A with verification. The size of the ISO image is 652400640 bytes, 7323 (it was WinXP distributive). The verification was successfull. Upon installation the win setup complained that some file(s) has incorrectet CRC.

So, extracted the image back from CD and using UltraISO calculated MD5 found that two files (from 73232) has different checksum compare to the original.

I burned again. The same result, the same files. I took different CD RW. This time 700MB size. Burned. The same result!
Every time the same two small files has corruption (not the size, but the contents). The Plextor tools diagnostic does not show C2 errors and amount of C1 is less than avarage (I burned on slow speed)

When I build my own ISO (using UltraISO) - the same bad result. The ISO image was really different than original. It has a bit different size, for example.

Only when I mastered bootable disk myself from the set of files and burned it as bootcd in Nero it worked.

Here are the questions: why is this? What Nero verification really does? Can we rely on it? Should I avoid Nero 7? For me it looks like a Nero’s bug, but weird one.

Hope this question is interesting for the community. Help from experts is really appreciated

Thank you


Hi and Welcome!

could you please try burning the image with ImgBurn?


ImgBurn works fine. Can we say now that Nero 7 .5.1.1 has a bug ?
I cannot trust it now!


if ImgBurn works, then there seems to be something wrong with your Nero version.
Get the latest update to 7.10.x from and see if there are any improvements.


Thanks! I will try later and report.