Nero 7/InCD error message?



I used Roxio Media Creator 9 for a while, and had quite a few problems. With a new drive I switched to Nero 7, which seems to work fine so far. However, when I boot I get a message

“InCD disabled itself because it detected incompatible Sonic UDF software Please uninstall that software”

I made sure that everything referring to Roxio or Sonic was uninstalled before I installed Nero. I also followed the Roxio “clean install” instructions and further searched files and registry for any instance of roxio or sonic which I removed. The message persists, but InCD seems to work fine. I think that this may be a Nero issue, and I would like to be able to remove the annoying message.


Roxio/Sonic and Nero don’t coexist together very well on any system. You either use Roxio/Sonic or Nero. Plus don’t install InCD as you see it causes more problems then it fixes. So either do a full uninstall of Roxio/Sonic or Nero. Then reinstall the version you want to use that will eliminate your problem. As well as don’t install InCD that is incomptible with other O/S systems as they don’t recognize InCD formatted media. You will have to go to Roxio/Sonic site and see if they have a uninstall tool that will completely remove any hidden program that Roxio/Sonic installed that the regular uninstall couldn’t remove. Also check nero site as well for the uninstall tool to remove it as well. Then as before reinstall Nero 7 with all updates excluding InCD and see if your problems don’t go away.


Thank you, I had fully uninstalled Roxio and in addition used a RoxiZap tool, the Microsoft Install Clean Up, and a manual search for files and registry entries to make sure all traces of Roxio/Sonic would be removed. The Nero install/uninstall takes quite some time, so I may do that as a last resort on a long weekend. :eek:


Just give us a report back on how it goes. Those two programs can’t and won’t exist together on the same computer as well as the resident program from Roxio/Sonic or Nero-those resident burning programs are best left for the junk pile since they aren’t recognized by M$ windows system.