Nero 7 Image Recorder Format Question

Hi All,

What I need >

I’m at a loss how to change the output format of the Nero 7 Image Recorder to create .iso fomat images.

What I want to do >

All I want to do it to create .iso images of a vast amount of .mp3 files into Audio CD .iso images for later batch/mass burning.

I really really really want to stick with Nero to do this, as I hate installing too many progs and duplicating tasks etc etc…

How I want to do it >

I’m currently using the create Audio CD feature of Nero 7 (either express or Nero Burning ROM Audio) to create Audio CD’s from .mp3 files already on my hard drive. I find the Nero Burning ROM better, simply because I can slow down the speed to 16x to avoid too much corruption of the tracks. But that stage works perfectly so far.

Then… I am using the Image Recorder as the output device, but of course no matter what I try, how, when or where… it will only allow me to output into .nrg !!! Arrrgggghhhh

I really have spent a week of research, trying, reading and mucking arund with a thousand combo’s to no avail. Just won’t do it…

What I want to know >

Why ???

What else I’ve tried >

I’ve tried using ImageBurn even though I hate having to add an extra step into my already labourious process each time I need to create a master .iso … and it won’t recognise the .nrg images either… Arrgghhh Arrrghhhh
(Yes I’ve added the tick next to .NRG file association in the options of ImageBurn) The error it gives is >> Invalid or Unsupported Image File Format!

But that may be another problem with ImageBurn, as I can load the .nrg Images that Nero creates into the Daemon Tool Drive, and it loads fine… but won’t be read by ImageBurn either (Disc Not Supported (Audio))

So as you see… I really have done my homework, but am starting to hurt my brain now. I’ve also used various .nrg2iso tools and programs to convert the .nrg files to .iso files. These have worked fine, and are playable in Winamp etc etc… but still won’t be recognised by ImageBurn either (same error as above)

But that may be a problem with Image Burn, as it gets the same error (Invalid or Unsupported Image File Format) when trying to read/write an .iso image that it has created itself. i.e. Build Mode using the imput file as an .nrg and output as .iso.

What I’m actually asking >

Is there another way to simply add the .iso foprmat to the output capabilities of the Nero 7 Image Recorder ? I know I can do it with DVD’s… and have done before. Just won’t do it with Ausio CD’s at all… Grrrrrr

I’m using Nero Burning ROM 7 (version with the full pack (all extra stuff and burn rights etc etc) on a 1.8 gig P4(1gig ram) using XP Pro SP2.

Any advice would be wonderful, and save some brain cells along the way :wink:

If you need log, I’m not sure how to produce one… but as it won’t even attempt to burn… I don’t see it would make any difference. Same with hardware… it would be irrelevent to just create an .iso wouldn’t it ?

Thanks Guys,

I love your work !

I think that Audio CD images are quite different to a normal image. I’ve created an NRG as you did & then opened it in MagicISO. No problem there but it can only be saved from MagicISO as a bin/cue combination & not an ISO.

Thanx for the reply…

Using another program however would defeat the whole purpose here… I might as well burn the NRG files using Nero itself. The reason I want to use the ISO format is simply because it’s more common than NRG.

If I need to distribute some ISO files to others… they might not have Nero, therefore ISO is easier.

Oh well… there must be an easier (and quicker) way to create ISO images of Audio CD’s.



There are certain occassions when all you have to do is change the extension on the file. It seems to work with .img and .iso. You might try that.

Not in this case I’m afraid.