Nero 7 how to change settings to burn dvds?

ok i just downloaded nero version or something like that and again it wont butn to the dvd’s i’m trying keeps coming up saying it is unabloe to write to the dvd type and to use a compatable disc or change configuration settings. This is the same problem i had with nero version 6.

I have looked at the Nero info tool, it appears that it doesn’t support HD dvd-r, hd dvd-rw or hd dvd-rom in either the read or write function. there are boxes next to these options but i cant select them. Could this be the reason it wont work due to my dvd device, does that sound right?? I always used the dvd+r and dvd+rw before and they worked fine, just doenst want to work with Nero!

Does anyone know if there is a plug in i need etc??? or if this version is just incompatable???



What for medias you’ve used?

i’ve tried using all media forms, .avi, xvid, divx, mpeg. Is that what you mean?

or do you mean the disc type? in that case i use dvd+r, dvd+rw and now just trying dvd-rw. usually my computer burns fine to dvd+ discs.


What i meant is the media brand like verbatim etc. and what for a burner you’ve?

ok i’m using sony discs that have always worked before. the burner is a NEC hl-dt-st dvdram gsa 4163B DVD/CD BURNER

does that help???


Do you have administrator rights on this PC ??

yeah its my home computer.

You said you’re “using sony discs that have always worked before”. Where did they work ?? On this same PC and burner, but with something other than Nero ??

yes its worked with everything i’ve tried before, recordnow is the burning software the computer came with, then i’ve used dvd decryptor, dvdsanta and xilisoft. I’m only now using Nero as dvdsanta and the other software i had have started freezing everytime i try to load a media file.
Nero just keeps coming up saying it cant burn to the dvd ttpe, change discs or change configuration settings, its driving me crazy!!


Open Nero again… Across the top, there’s a dropdown list where your DVD burner should be listed. In that list there will also be “Image Recorder”. Which item is currently selected, your burner or “Image Recorder” ??

If all your other programs are freezing, it sounds like you need to reformat and reload.

also don’t forget to choose dvd from the dropdown list on the far top left under (new compilation) window!!!

make sure to choose your drive from the list!!!

I am so sorry this seems so simple but for the life of me i cant even find the same screen your looking at. I have the nero startsmart icon on the desk top which when i open it gives lost of differnet options, i know this sounds very silly but where do i go from there???

as far as i can see i have the right dvd burner selected and i have in fact tried using both just in case.

sorry to be so dumb when it comes to this.


click on the Nero button under startsmarts if there’s one. If so then skip the following instructions marked as 1 and 2. If not then follow all the instructions!!!

  1. press (start) and look in (all programs) for the Nero folder.
  2. launch the (Nero Burning Rom) icon (if there’s one)

Since you have the newer version of Nero, the layout is going to look a bit different but similar than the one I’ve posted.

good luck!!!

wow i think i have the same problem im trying to burn a movie which is bin and cue file. so trying to burn the image right. when i do the compliation thing pops and says please insert bloody cd-rw or dvd-r and i have a kodak dvd-r in there… but the god damn thing wants a cd how do i change that. i have the dvd slected on the main burning room thing

@ Lavitiz

I have yet to come across a bin/cue combo for a DVD. You do need to use a CD.

I am having a problem burning a dvd with nero that my dvd player will recognise. Nero codes the dvd as a .nvc which my stand alone dvd player doesn’t know. The files play ok on my computer. I don’t have any problems when I burn to a cd, that will play videos and music ok in my dvd player but because I want it all to go on a dvd I get this problem. Can you help.

Hi and Welcome!

if your video material is already prepared (Video_TS folder), then just create a new video DVD project in Nero’s burning application, not in visionsomething. For additional details, please check the manual and helpfiles that came with Nero, and also the tutorials on

Some additional remarks: digging up old threads is not helpful, and posting the same question several times is considered crossposting and violates the forum rules.


Sorry about the cross posting, I didn’t realise I was doing that. Thanks for the info I will try that. I have tired the help files and tutorials on nero but I shall perserve. It does get frustrating when you work on things for ages and it doesn’t work though. I have tired nero burning rom do you open it as a DVD-Rom or as a DVd video.
Thanks agian