Nero 7 Essentials Video CD will not autostart or display menu

Hello everyone! I have a big problem using Nero 7 Essentials on an XP OS. It absolutely refuses to display my start menu, and will not autostart when using a computer or tv for viewing. I have set it to do both, and I updated my Nero 7 with the “update all” update which I found on the net. I am of course using the Vision version 4 to burn these CD’s. I am using a CD-R cd to burn them on to. Can anybody tell me why I cannot get these to autostart and display the darn menu? I’m about ready to uninstall all Nero products and get something else, I think I have tried everything and it just won’t work. It will start only if I press the start button on the tv remote when viewing on a tv. I get the folders window when I insert it into a CD/DVD drive. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help this poor slob. :sad: