Nero 7 Essentials help (frustrated)

well plain and simply, I just bought a Memorex DVD recorder for the reason of copying my dvds. It came with Nero 7 essentials. I tried to put it one of a couple of my dvds and they all said that it couldnt playback because of the CSS protection code that it has. What do I do? and can Nero 7 essentials even copy my dvds? do i need any extra software that i have to download? please help, i am a Newbie haha.

Welcome to the forums Marcolopolis. If you look around at the subforums here, you’ll notice one called Copy DVD Movie. There are lots of guides and information in that subforum, and I suggest taking a look in there.

I’ll put in a few pieces of advice here too. The first thing you need is a decryption program. I suggest getting DVDFab HD Decrypter, which is free to download and use. This program will decrypt and rip the movie to your hard drive, and is still being updated to deal with newer protection schemes.

The second one you might need is DVDShrink. This program can decrypt and rip movies with the original CSS protection, but not anything newer. It can also reduce the size of the movie to fit onto a single layer dvd for you. You can download it from and you should read the guides for its use there or here at cdfreaks.

The third one I recommend is ImgBurn. It will take the place of Nero in burning the dvd video to your blank dvds. Read the guides for its use at the Imgburn forums

So the process goes like this: 1. Rip the dvd to the hard drive (either the full movie or just the main movie) using DVDFab HD Decrypter. 2. Open the movie files you just put onto the hard drive with DVDShrink and reduce it in size to fit onto a blank dvdr (if necessary). 3. Burn the dvd video with ImgBurn.

All three of these programs are free to use, though donations are welcome at ImgBurn.

thank you very much, but if I wanted to stick with Nero to burn the dvd, do you think that would be ok?

Yes, you can use Nero to burn dvd video. I just don’t recommend it anymore.

If you ever get around to burning dvd video to dual layer dvds, you should use ImgBurn instead of Nero. Nero is just not as good at this particular task. So, you might as well learn to use ImgBurn instead—for all dvd video burns. Just my opinion by the way, and others around here may disagree.

I don’t use Nero for much of anything anymore, except two of their free utilities, Nero CD/DVD Speed and Nero Info Tool.