Nero 7 Essentials DVD Movies

:confused:Im trying to make DVD Movies with Nero 7 Essentials/Nero Vision SE. Theres no sign of Nero Vision Express 2 in it. I click on Nero Vision ESS.SE in the rectangular box under applications and then make DVD Movie>go through the process of adding the Video Files>then to the burn stage. When i click on burn the attached screen shots appear. I recently had a DVD burner installed and they gave me the free Nero 7 Essentials disc(the disc doesn`t have SE on it) ASUS D071.V7.5.14.4 (bundled with hardware) with it which i installed. This is most frustrating. Any suggestions?:slight_smile:

Nero 7 essentials doesn’t include the usage of Nero Vision. Its loaded in memory but it can’t be used with the ‘Essentials’ version. You need the full Nero 7 license to run Nero Vision, as well a many other Nero modules. You have to upgrade and since they don’t license Nero 7 as an upgrade any more, you have to upgrade to Nero 8.

I got [B]Power Producer[/B] with my Nero 7 essentials. You can use that to edit .mpg files, and merge them, and burn them as DVD-Video. Or VR format.