Nero 7 Essentials: Can't un-install!

I recently purchased a Sony DRU-830A and am so far quite happy with it. Well, that was until I installed the Nero 7 Essentials. After deciding Nero was useless I went to un-install it but now I can’t.

No matter what I do: safe mode, repair, re-install etc, i am continually blocked this one error: “Fatal error duing installation”.

I cannot get this bloatware off my pc! :frowning:

Any ideas?

EDIT: Nevermind, i found the Nero clean tool thank goodness. Its official Nero 6 was the last good version of Nero. Pity.

I am not really sure why you say Nero is useless, but whatever.

I don’t have the Essentials package, but things you might try:
The Essentials Uninstall utility, which might be on your system.
The Windows remove software option.
A Nero Uninstaller (don’t know which one) you can get from here:

If you have an incomplete uninstall, you might have to reinstall so you can do a full uninstall.

Try to restore your system to pre-install Nero essential reboot and you all done. BTW: As previous poster has mention, you are rushing to judgment about Nero being useless.

I decided it was useless in my case because although Nero has a ton of utilities - i have everything i need in either 3rd party propriety form or a better open source equivalent. It didn’t make sense for me to keep it.

I don’t need/want a hundred features i’ll never use littering my PC causing potential conflicts down the road (i’ve been there b4 - it ain’t pretty).

Of course you have to make a choice, Nero by all means is good burning program and you can always select those functions that you need to be installed and leave the rest out.